The Reign of Terror – Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts

I don’t quite remember how I met Joe Hill. Maybe it was during one of my daily explorations through online bookstores and what they have to offer. Somehow, I came across Heart-shaped Box and was intrigued by the title alone since I, myself, often have the habit of baptizing my writings with song titles. Reading the synopsis made me even more interested; ghosts and curses and the supernatural. Sometimes I can be easily sold. Googling up the author’s name, I was hit with the unexpected: Joe Hill was actually Joseph Hillstrom King, son of the contemporary Master of Terror himself. I had no idea Stephen King’s sons were writers, much less in the same genre of fiction.

So naturally this meant I had to own every book he has ever written. I started with 20th Century Ghosts, being an anthology, and while I wanted to read it right away, it was the middle of the college semester and I was really supposed to be writing a thesis on Edgar Allan Poe. Thesis finished, I picked it up from my endless pile of unread books to start off my summer reading routine.

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