The Underrated Heroes

Masked heroes. Supernatural powers. Fighting crime on the TV Screen. The audience cheers. The heroes save the day.

Could this story still work, at this time and age?

Except it does, and does it very well.

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from literature girl to literature girl

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Bungaku Shoujo movie and OVAs.


I don’t know how exactly Bungaku Shoujo managed to go by unnoticed by me. It might have been my lack of enthusiasm with the anime scene and how seasons didn’t appeal to me as they once did, or how I was actually caring about college for once. It wasn’t until I saw pictures for the Touko Amano Nendoroid that I finally found the series and thought, “That girl is eating book. I have to check this out now”.

So I finally managed to watch this last week, and… At first words fail me. Because I don’t think there are many anime out there that seem to fit me so well, but this one just does. It wasn’t just the literature, or just the love story. Everything makes one endearing piece that only Touko and her refined taste could be able to describe.

Girl eats books. I’d be more than glad to do it metaphorically but Touko, she just goes for the literal. That premise had everything to be weird, but as the characters approach it, it is not that big of a deal. It is Touko herself, the Literature Girl, in her entirety, that gives the movie that magnificent touch.

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