lily m.


I’ve had many different blogs in the past, all of which, without exception, fell into a dark, careless death. Why try again? Because there are things I want to say. I watch so many things, and listen to so many things, and read not enough things. Even though my thoughts and ideas might not be worth listening to, I want to, at the very listen, put them down so they can be heard. With me being a nerd, of course the things I’ll blog will consist of movies, tv series, animanga, games, books, be them with my “serious business” mask or not. You can agree or disagree with me, but my ideas are my ideas. Take them as they are. And maybe, just hopefully, you might want to chat with me.

My most valuable online position right now is the moderator of the very organized, very welcoming E-ShuuShuu.net, an image board for all those who love cute anime girls and want to meet some friendly people. We shall welcome you with open arms. Thread with care.

A place worth visiting is my friend Yatchen’s blog, Paper Flower, who talks about art and anime and such prettiful things, all with smart, well-thought texts.


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